Hey there! I’m David “Scott” Tapie and I am your photographer. Here’s how I see it. I specialize in people, places, and things. Now that could be just about anything, but the truth is, I specialize in you. Whether saying, “I do”, graduating soon, or promoting your business, I am your guy.

 As collaborators, my clients and I develop a common language that drives the energy and creativity on set. Although we have a plan going in, there are always spontaneous sparks of imagination that ignite and bring to life images we had not imagined.

The expressions and gestures of clients capture my eye. Those big grins in between the "serious" shots make my day. Listening to ideas and possibilities fill the room while meeting to plan out the big day never gets old. There is always a story to tell. Even for the timid and shy, young and free or refined and wise, there is life in every shape, height, age and size. 

Let's capture your story and bring it to life.